Healthy hints to gain weight

Being underweight can be just as serious as being overweight. Maintaining a healthy weight is essential to wellness.

First, eliminate the possibility of disease processes, then, identify any contributing factors (low appetite, stress, hyperactivity, poor food choices) and take appropriate corrective measures.

Stimulate appetite
Drinking fluids too close to a meal reduces appetite; instead sip beverages along with food or after eating.
Exercise can stimulate appetite and can add weight by building muscle.

A daily 10 minute stretching routine using relaxation breathing reduces stress and associated nervous energy.

Increase caloric consumption; adding 350 calories a day without increasing calorie expenditure will gain a pound every 10 days.
Add cream, butter, cheese to as many foods as possible.
Add snacks between meals eating 5-6 times a day.
Add nuts, peanut butter, cheese, and avocados.
A high calorie liquid nutritional supplement may be beneficial.

Choose nutrient-rich foods; eliminate highly processed foods and soda; high content of caffeine and sugar over-stimulates the nervous system and reduces the appetite, Soda also adversely affects mineral absorption. Reduce coffee and other drinks with little nutritional value.

Every person has a unique recipe for wellness; find your recipe by adding the “ingredients” that work for you and removing the” ingredients” that are harmful. Remember, to give things time to work; to get where you are took time and if you expect an instant fix, you will be disappointed.


Gut health…. the foundation to wellness

You think you are doing everything right….

staying well hydrated

maintaining a healthy ph

eating healthy

getting regular exercise

enjoying adequate restorative sleep

avoiding toxins

but you still struggle with wellness….Your gut may be compromised.

Have you been exposed to toxins, on antibiotics, had a virus, been on a highly processed diet, experienced extreme stress? these are just a few of the things that may lead to an unhealthy gut, and, a unhealthy gut means compromised nutrition and immunity. Without proper nutrition and immunity you can not enjoy an optimum level of wellness.

Make certain you are building wellness on a solid foundation…. a healthy gut.


Creating wellness is a recipe….

by listening to our bodies and seeking out natural solutions we can find the recipe that works best for each individual.

Physical, emotional, spiritual, social…… which area(s) is your recipe lacking?

Toxic relationships and/or social activities can be as devastating to our health as poor diet or lack of physical activity.

Future Topics

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immune issues

a healthy gut

metabolic syndrome

obesity epidemic

ph balance

hormone issues

chemical imbalance

Growth hormone

lifestyle diseases

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Hello world!

I have been on a journey to create wellness in my own life, and, the lives of those closest to me, as well as, my clients in various health care settings for over 20 years.

I am creating this blog to share some of the information I have found to be helpful on that journey. Think of me as a resource for tools to use in a proactive approach to creating wellness.

First let me say that while in general the components to wellness are the same for everyone,  what specifically works for one person may not work for another. Creating wellness is like a recipe; every individual has to find his/her own recipe for wellness. For some, that is a relatively simple process; for others, more complex. If you struggle with wellness, I encourage you to examine what is in your recipe; what do you need to eliminate? what do you need to add? Some ingredients may need to work together to get the desired outcome; if you have one without the other you will not get the desired outcome. Make certain to give “ingredients” time to work; whether it is exercise, diet (including supplements), or other lifestyle changes it is not an instant fix; think about it as if you took a wrong turn and you have to get back on the right route to get to your destination (wellness.)

There are some basic ingredients that are essential to wellness; a healthy diet, a wholesome environment, adequate physical activity, a support network…

I plan to expand on these ideas in future post….so check back and feel free to leave comments 🙂